Girl Scout Stories

Maui Sisterhood Patch

The Girl Scouts of Hawai`i council is pleased to launch a Maui Sisterhood patch where all proceeds will go back to supporting Maui Girl Scout families. The theme of the patch is hana pono – the good works of us all because we have been inspired by all of you! You have shown generosity and thoughtfulness to the Maui community, and the kuleana (responsibility) to help wherever help is needed. Mahalo! In our actions to serve the community, we have learned empathy each time kindness is shared. Girl Scouts (and Volunteers, Lifetime members, Alumnae, and those supporting the Girl Scout mission) all over the Hawaiian Islands and across the continental US have given with their hearts – donated essentials like diapers, clothes, bottled water, and sent hand-made cards, friendship bracelets, trefoil art, and given monetary donations. Mahalo Nui Loa! Please visit our GSH Aloha Shop to pre-order the patch and we’ll ship it to you as soon as it’s on-island. 

2023 Support Maui

Mahalo Nui Loa to our friends, family, colleagues, Girl Scout Councils and Troops from all over the nation reaching out to us. You have helped remind us of the true sisterhood of Girl Scouting. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support those impacted by the wildfires. We appreciate the outpouring of support, concern and willingness to help our Maui 'ohana. To learn more about what's happening continue >>

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2023 Pacific Exploration In STEM

Girl Scouts from all across the US joined us at Camp Paumalū for an unforgettable week of cultural and intellectual enrichment. Girl Scouts met with STEM leaders and flourished as they participated in learning about Hawai'i's rich culture from the kalo fields, learning to surf, and caring for our environment. We cleaned up microplastic pollutants at Hunama and worked together to build a koʻi at Waimea Valley— these are only a few things from our extraordinary week together. See more...

2023 Gold Award Girl Scouts Highest Awards

Congratulations to the Girl Scouts of Hawaii’s 2023 Gold Award Girl Scouts – check out the 2023 Higher Awards program for details on how they are creating a better world and inspiring others in the community to do the same. Our Highest Award Ceremony held on June 18, 2023 honored 78 Bronze Awards, 46 Silver Awards, and 6 Gold Award Girl Scouts across the state! Congratulations Girl Scouts for your positive impact! Watch a highlight as the 6 Gold Award Girl Scouts were recognized on the local news here. As our Girl Scouts of the USA’s Chief Executive Officer Bonnie Barczykowski said in her message to the Gold Award Girl Scouts “this achievement is the mark of the truly remarkable”. For more information on the awards process go to our Higher Awards page.

2023 Gold Award Girl Scout Jaynie F. – YOU and Your Mental Health

My project aimed to provide students at Kaimuki Middle School with accessible knowledge about what mental health is and how to improve, maintain, and understand it. I created different brochures covering topics like tips for dealing with stress, resources available to them, and so much more. I created a new curriculum that can be taught during advisory that focuses on mental wellness. My hope is that my project will give young students the knowledge they need to take care of their mental health.

2023 Gold Award Girl Scout Anya H. – Teen Mental Health

Mental health is a sensitive thing and a sensitive topic, as it affects a person and has a variety of contributors, one of the main factors being home life. Parents often don’t see the red flags in their children’s declining mental health and they may not even know what to look for. Even then, they may not know how to respond to it in a way that helps the child and provides a safe space. In my PSA, I displayed signs of mental health red flags and appropriate and inappropriate responses to it.

2023 Gold Award Girl Scout Sophia K. – Unity School Living Wall

I started and maintained a worm bin by myself at home during the pandemic and redirected over 200 lbs of food waste from going into landfill. I taught preschoolers at Unity School about vermicomposting, urban gardening and the cycle of sustainability. Through hands-on experience the students learned about diverting waste from landfills, returning it to the earth as quality fertilizer to grow food for consumption, lessening our environmental footprint and helping to protect our island.

2023 Gold Award Girl Scout Kirra L. –  Drug Reduction & First Aid: Why It Matters

My project was part of a coordinated effort with the County of Kauai to implement drug prevention education as well as provide basic first aid information to the keiki on the island of Kauai. I organized two day camps, which employed informative speakers and engaging activities and games to young Girl Scouts. My goal was to instill the idea that there are better ways to deal with the ups and downs of life instead of turning to substance abuse.

2023 Gold Award Girl Scout Kai T. – Healthy Teens Hawaii

Healthy Teens Hawaii is an initiative to educate and inspire local teenagers to pursue a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet. My project was primarily online due to Covid-19, which helped me to reach a larger audience beyond teenagers in Hawaii. I designed a website with original recipes and blog posts about healthy eating. I also partnered with Blue Zones Project Hawaii to teach online cooking classes. I taught audiences of all backgrounds simple recipes that align with BZP’s guidelines.

2023 Gold Award Girl Scout Devyn Y. – Aiea AYSO Keiki Clinic

Aiea AYSO Keiki Clinic was held Saturday mornings (8/20-9/10) at Kaonohi Park. It’s a program that allows Moanalua High School soccer players to become leaders and give back to their community by volunteer coaching for the AYSO region. It’s designed to get 4-6 year olds active, introduce them to soccer at a fun, basic level, teach them skills (independence, friendship, etc.), and give them role models. In addition, AYSO’s issues with a lack of coaches and long gaps between seasons were solved.

2022 Gold Award Girl Scout Esther C. – Cyber Safe Seniors

After learning about the importance of cybersecurity, Esther decided to create a self-paced educational course to help educate Hawaii’s older adults about protecting themselves from the many online threats that have been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Esther’s curriculum, Cyber Safety 101, has been shared with AARP Hawaii, the Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center, One Kalakaua Senior Living and the Plaza at Waikiki. Her project’s powerful vision and meaningful impact on the community has earned her national recognition as a 2022 Prudential Emerging Visionary .