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STEM Center for Excellence

Camp Paumalu, Oahu North Shore

The STEM Center for Excellence at Camp Paumalū is a sprawling 135-acre living laboratory located on Oʻahu’s North Shore that provides year-round opportunities in cybersecurity, astronomy, robotics, computer coding, botany, chemistry, environmental stewardship and more. Our mission is to provide better support of high-quality STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) engagement for Girl Scouts and non-Girl scouts by working with national partners like: NASA, SETI Institute, Raytheon, Palo Alto Networks and The North Face.

Together with educators, school students, and the community, the facility will create engaging curriculums and attract local young students to increase not only female STEM interest, but also increase the number of STEM professionals in Hawaiʻi.

Invest in Girls and Change the world.

STEM Center Support

By expanding the reach and relevancy of these facilities to non-Girl Scouts in Hawaiʻi, GSH can provide a quality STEM leadership training facility for students and educators, in order to increase their proficiency and confidence. The desired long-term outcome is that these leaders of all ages will better understand their relationship to the larger world and become responsible global citizens.

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Imagine a place that will excite engage and encourage girls in STEM

The Center will serve as a living laboratory where girls can enjoy outdoor adventure while exploring STEM careers by conducting on-site experiments and learning how their STEM skills can make the world a better place.   >>Continue

The Case for STEM

Imagine her taking on some of the biggest challenges and problems our planet faces—and helping solve them. Or having a career that’s engaging and well paid. Imagine her teaming up with others to invent the future. That future can be a reality, thanks to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  >>Continue