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Health Information and History Forms
Travel Information and Trip Applications
Insurance Request Form

Any Day Trip, Event, Simple Overnight, or Extended Overnight that will include non-Girl Scout attendees requires the purchase of extra insurance.


An approved Trip Application (day, simple overnight, extended overnight) must accompany the request for additional insurance.

Explanation of Plans & Cost:

Plan 2: Enrollment in Plan 2 is required when there are non-members participating in a Girl Scout approved and Girl Scout supervised activity that is intended for them (i.e. "Bring a Friend" recruitment, Girl Scout sponsored family activity).
Cost for Plan 2: $0.11/pp/per day (Minimum payment of $5.00)

Plan 3E: Enrollment in Plan 3E is required when the length of the trip is 3 nights or more (with the exception of International Trips - that require Plan 3PI).

Cost for Plan 3E: $0.29/pp/per day (Minimum payment of $5.00)

Plan 3PI: Enrollment in Plan 3PI is required for all approved and supervised Girl Scout international trips.  

Cost of Plan 3PI: $1.15/pp/per day

 Service Unit
 Plan 2
 Plan 3E
 Plan 3PI

Bank Account Information

All additional insurance requests are done electronically. In order to process your insurance request online, a GSH Staff member will call you for your Troop or SU bank account information.

If you do not hear from Council within one business day,  please contact CustomerCare

Plan 3PI Insurance Only

Complete the following section if going on an Extended Overnight that includes International Air Travel.

Volunteer Tool Kit
Troop Roles
Volunteer Appreciation
Troop Finance
Disbanding Troop Process

Troops/groups are considered disbanded when the following apply:

  1. All the girls in the troop have graduated high school (bridged to adult)
  2. The troop decides to no longer be active
  3. The troop does not meet the membership criteria of at least 2 registered adults and 5 registered girls(exemptions are approved by Girl Scouts of Hawaii's Senior Management Team - see Troop Size Exemption Form 

Before you disband your troop, please ask the following questions:

  1. Have I talked with my Service Unit Manager (SUM) and/or Troop Leadership Team (TLT) to discuss issues that may be leading to the need to disband the troop?
  2. If the troop is disbanding because I need to step down as a leader, have I talked with the troop families to see if there is another adult that would like to take over troop leadership?
  3. Have a talked with my TLT about recruiting other volunteer leadership from my community?

To disband a troop, the troop leader needs to:

  1. Notify your SUM and TLT.
  2. Make sure all members of the troop and their families are aware that the troop is disbanding. For girls who wish to continue with Girl Scouts, provide information about transferring membership and placement.
  3. As a troop, decide on how to use existing troop funds. Please encourage this decision to be made by the girls. Please note: Troop funds are for Girl Scout activities and are not to be kept by individuals as their property. 
    • Troops that disband can use the remaining funds on Girl Scout activities such as Camp, Journeys, Field Trips, and Take Action Projects 
    • Any remaining funds in the account when it is closed will be transferred to the Girl Scouts of Hawai‘i.
  4. Complete the Disbanded Troop Report Form below.
  5. Complete an Annual Troop Finance Report.
    • If the troop disbands after the Annual Troop Finance Report Deadline (June 30), the troop must submit a Final Annual Troop Finance Report by the End of the Membership Year (Sept30).
  6. Once the troop bank account has been closed, be sure to cut or shred all blank checks or return the banking documents to Council.
  7. Troop Financials should be turned over to Girl Scouts of Hawai‘i and will be maintained in compliance with Financial Record Retention Policies.
  8. Delete any Troop Facebook pages or groups and takedown-related websites.

What the Service Unit needs to do:

  1. Ensure the Disbanded Troop Report Form (below) has been completed.
  2. Forward Disbanded Troop Report Form to Council support staff.
  3. Work with Council support staff to ensure the Annual Troop Finance Report has been completed.
  4. Notify all appropriate Service Unit Team members of the troop disbanding.
  5. Confirm with Troop leadership if they wish to be removed from SU communications.

What the Council Staff needs to do:

  1. Speak with the leader regarding the reason for troop disbanding. Confirm details including date of closure, money plans, supplies, etc.
  2. Assist with placement of girls needing new troops or transferring to Individually Registered Member status.
  3. Confirm that the troop bank account has been closed.
  4. Ensure Annual Troop Finance Report is completed and submitted to Volunteer Banking.
  5. Retire Troop Number and deactivate the campaign in Salesforce
    • Ensure all Campaign Hierarchy roles have been marked inactive and removed from the catalog.
    • Mark all members as inactive no later than the last day of the membership year for which the troop was last active. If the members are being transferred to another troop end their participation in the current campaign using the Troop Transfer Procedure.
  6. Send final communication to all Troop Members notifying them what actions have been taken and provide assistance as necessary.
Disbanding Troop Form

This form should be completed by an existing troop leadership team and will be submitted to Girl Scouts of Hawai`i whenever a troop disbands. Please attach additional information below as necessary.

Note: The Annual Troop Finance Report must be completed prior to a troop’s disbanding.

 Lack of volunteer leadership
 Girls no longer interested
 Ambassador troop bridging to adult
 Initiated by Service Unit and or Council
 Other (noted below)

Complete the following items:

  1. Individual records of girls given to girls or leaders of a new troop.
  2. Final Annual Troop Finance Report with closing balance completed and submitted to Customer Care.
  3. Close account as is, remaining account balance to be transferred to Girl Scouts of Hawai`i.
  4. Troop-related social media outlets have been deleted, disabled, or transferred to Council.
  5. Troop-related social media outlets have been deleted, disabled, or transferred to Council.
Troop Finance FAQ

How do I add/remove an authorized signer on our Troop Bank Account?

  • Anytime your troop needs to make changes to your authorized signers, a new Troop Bylaws must be completed and submitted for approval from Girl Scouts of Hawaii Council. Authorized signers must be active Adult Members and have a cleared criminal background check with Girl Scouts of Hawaii. Once a new Troop Bylaws is completed and submitted for approval to GSH Council, GSH Council will send an approved copy of the completed Troop Bylaws and an authorization letter to the troop. The authorized signers will then need to go into any ASB branch to sign the new bank card. 
  • Please keep in mind that if a new authorized signer needs to be added that a criminal background check could take anywhere between 2-6 weeks to complete.

What do we do with our Troop Bank Account if we have decided to disband our troop?

  • A troop is defined as two (2) unrelated registered adults and at least five (5) registered girls Troops are considered disbanded when the following apply:
    • All the girls in the troop have graduated high school (bridged to adult)
    • The troop decides to no longer be active (troops must submit a Disbanded Troop Report - link to fillable PDF), troop leaders must inform their Service Unit and GSH Council 
    • The troop does not meet the membership criteria of at least two (2) unrelated registered adults and at least five (5) registered girls (exemptions to this membership criteria are approved by GSH Senior Management Team, troops must complete the Troop Size Exemption Form (below).  
  • When troops have decided to disband, complete the Disbanding Troop Report Form (below) discussion on the spending of the troop funds should be girl-led A troop can use the remaining funds on Girl Scout activities only (such as camp, journeys, badges, Council or Service Unit programs, field trips, and Take Action Projects) Any funds remaining in the Troop Bank Account upon the closing of the Troop Year will go back to Girl Scouts of Hawaii No amount of funds may be given directly to girls, parents, or guardians This includes any form of cash, check, or cash equivalents (such as gift cards) At no time do girls and/or adult members own the funds in the Troop Bank Account, funds are not equally divided among troop members and at no time are funds given individually to girls, parents, or guardians Funds within a Troop Bank Account are solely for the troop and troop designated activities within Girl Scouts of Hawaii 

Our troop is merging with another troop, what do we do with our funds?

  • At no time can troop funds be moved from one troop to another troop, therefore one of the troop accounts must be closed, the troop number disbanded, and troop members must be transferred to the new troop. The Service Unit and GSH Council must be informed of the merge and a Troop Finance Worksheet must be submitted prior to closing the Troop Bank Account. 

Does our troop have to open a Troop Bank Account?

  • Troop Bank Accounts are not required by GSH Council, however, if the troop plans to participate in the Cookie Program, collect Troop Dues, and/or participate in Money Earning Activities, the troop must open a Troop Bank Account at American Savings Bank Complete the Troop Bylaws and submit to GSH Council for approval and an authorization letter in order to open your troop's bank account. 

Does our troop have to open a Troop Bank Account with American Savings Bank?

  • Yes, all troops that open a Troop Bank Account, must have a bank account with American Savings Bank Special accommodations may be made for special circumstances that must be approved by GSH Council Senior Management. 

What do I do if I forgot my password and login credentials to our online bank account at American Savings Bank?

  • Contact ASB for password and credential support

How much money should be kept in the Troop Bank Account at all times?

  • Troop Bank Account Balances must be kept above a $000 balance, if any Troop Bank Accounts fall to a $000 balance, American Savings Bank will close the account. 

Who is able to be an authorized signer of the Troop Bank Account?

  • In order to safeguard the girls in our care, all customers applying for a volunteer job with a Direct Primary (DP) Position Code will submit to a criminal background check. The criminal background check is a component of Girl Scouts of Hawai`i’s volunteer placement procedure.  It includes criminal records, searches of convictions, arrests, court records, driving records, inmate records, and sex offender registries  
  • Girl Scouts of Hawai`i reserves the right to disqualify a potential volunteer or restrict a volunteer’s activities based on the information disclosed. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes; have pled guilty or no contest to certain crimes; have been placed on probation, or are currently facing charges for certain crimes.  All criminal record disputes are handled through Verified Volunteers (background check vendor) Girl Scouts of Hawai`i shall have no liability to any person for the information contained in such reports or for its actions taken in reliance upon such reports.
  • Girl Scouts of Hawai`i honors a background check for 5 years before requiring its volunteers to complete a new background check  However, Girl Scouts of Hawai`i reserves the right to require a volunteer to complete a new background check before the 5-year expiration date if the organization is alerted to new information that would not have appeared on a previous background check and that could change his/her status as a volunteer

Basis for disqualification for all volunteer positions:

  •  Most felony convictions
  • Active probation from any felony or misdemeanor
  • Crime involving violence or neglect to children or the elderly
  • Drug trafficking crime
  • Status as a registered sex offender
  • Residing in the same residence as a registered sex offender
  • Depending on the nature of the conviction, any misdemeanor within the last 10 years, especially any violent crime, arson, or crime of public indecency

Basis for Volunteer Restriction of NO HANDLING FINANCES:

  • Any financial crime (eg, theft, identity theft, bad checks, etc) in the last 10 years

Basis for volunteer restriction of CANNOT DRIVE GIRLS: 

  • DUI within the last 10 years
  • More than 2 driving violations in the last 2 years

*At the discretion of the Council, any volunteer who meets the criteria for both NO HANDLING FINANCES and CANNOT DRIVE GIRLS may receive both restrictions or may be disqualified  

When are Troop Finance Worksheets due?

Troop Finance Worksheets are due to the Service Unit Treasurer by June 30 of each year. 

Troops that fail to meet the requirements will be notified of their pending-suspension status and a hold may be placed on the troop bank account.  If a troop fails to comply with policies on January 1st of each year the troop accounts will be forfeited and funds will be surrendered to GSH

  • If a troop has submitted and is approved under the new policies and bylaw requirements but needs to make a change that does not impact the 2 original online banking enrollees, does the troop need to re-enroll in online banking?
  • A new troop bylaw needs to be completed and submitted, however, if both enrollees remain the same please list all information and just simply indicate on the Login ID field “ALREADY ENROLLED”

What is the paper statement fee and how do I stop it?

  • American Savings Bank charges a monthly paper statement fee of $5.00. This fee is charged by the bank and GSH does not have the ability to refund this fee.  A Bank Signatory on the account with online making access must Opt-Out of online banking.  To do this: login, go to Menu < Settings < Statement Preference to change from paper statements to “eStatements”
Troop Finance Report Tips

The Troop Finance Report is an accurate representation of a group’s financial reconciliation for the current fiscal year with Girl Scouts. 

Submit your  Troop Finance Report to your Service Unit Treasurer each by the date set by your Service Unit Team. Service Unit Treasurers must submit all Troop Finance Reports to GSH Council by June 30.


  • Use the May bank statement
  • Fill out every field –N/A or 0 if it doesn’t apply to you
  • Net product sales = total money earned • Indicate negative numbers with parentheses • Do not submit more than one form. To resubmit a Finance Report, contact Customer Care
  • Double check your math — online form doesn’t calculate for you • Be sure to save a copy for your own records

Avoiding Adverse Action - GSH reserves the right, without notice, to freeze or close any account that does not comply with banking requirements: including submittal of Bylaws (new/change), Filing of Annual Reports, or it is believed that there has been mismanagement or improper use of Troop/Group/Service Unit funds.

Troops who do not submit a report will be disbanded and their bank accounts will be closed, all proceeds in the account will be transferred to Girl Scouts of Hawai`i.

For questions or assistance contact Customer Care.


Online GSH Forms

Mandatory Reporter - Child Abuse or Neglect

All GSH employees and volunteers are Mandatory (a.k.a. Mandated) Reporters. The duties of a Mandatory Reporter apply at all times, including outside of Girl Scout activities.

As a Mandatory Reporter, if you believe you have observed signs of child abuse or neglect, you are required to report this to the authorities as soon as possible, within 24 hours at:

Child Abuse and/or Neglect: Toll-free 1-888-380-3088 (Hawaii Island, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai) Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Child Trafficking: 808-832-1999 (Oahu) or 1-888-398-1188 (Hawaii Island, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai)Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Child Trafficking: Toll-free 1-888-398-1188 (Hawaii Island, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai)Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

After the initial report by telephone, Complete and submit the Hawai`i DHS “Mandated Reporter Checklist For Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect”. 

Available at the following url:

Mail or Fax the form to the Department of Human Services:

Child Welfare Services Intake Unit, 420 Waiakamilo Road, Suite 300A, Honolulu, HI 96817-4941

Thank you for fulfilling your critical role as a mandatory reporter. Your work helps protect and restore the lives of children.

By completing this notification form, you enable Girl Scouts of Hawai`i to follow up on all reports filed regarding girls in our care. We sincerely appreciate everything you do to support girls in our organization.

Contact information for person submitting this form:


Information about the Child, for whom you filed the report:


Thank you for fulfilling your critical role as a mandatory reporter. Your work helps protect and restore the lives of children.

As a mandatory reporter, you have met your reporting obligation once you have filed a report with the appropriate authorities, whether or not the report is assigned for CPS assessment.

Anyone participating in good faith in the making of a report of child abuse and who has reasonable grounds for the making thereof shall have immunity from any liability, civil or criminal, that might otherwise be incurred or imposed with respect to the making or content of such report. Any such participant shall have the same immunity with respect to participating in any judicial proceeding resulting from such a report.

For more information, please refer to the Hawaii Department of Human Services Guide "A Guide for Mandated Reporters" 

If you have additional questions, please contact Customer Care, 808.595.8400

Parent Involvement Form
 Contact me to join if needed for my role
 Help at one or more meetings
 Provide transportation
 Help plan and lead meetings
 Assist with camping
 Assist with travel
 Help with money earning activities
 Provide space for meeting/activities
 Assist with completing a Journey or badge
 Help with the Cookie Sale
 Provide snacks at meetings
 Arts and Crafts
 Outdoor Education
Girl Scout Story Submission

Girl Scout of Hawai‘i troop stories and personal testimonials help to promote our organization, its service projects, volunteers, and staff. This will help us provide valuable content for possible media stories, our website, social media accounts, and newsletters. In addition to collecting the troop's story/testimonial, please answer the following questions below.


Thank you for sharing your story. We'd like to share this with our Girl Scout sisters. Please provide the attached model release for anyone pictured, and the photographer release to allow us to share your images.



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