Battleship Missouri Overnight Encampment Program - O'ahu
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Date: Sun Jun 30, 3:30 PM HST - Mon Jul 01, 8:30 AM HST
  • Outdoor
  • Cadettes,
  • Seniors,
  • Volunteers,
  • Ambassadors,
  • Juniors

Battleship Missouri Overnight Encampment Program - O'ahu 

Battleship Missouri Memorial

63 Cowpens St, Honolulu, HI 96818


 Your overnight encampment aboard the Battleship Missouri generally begins upon your arrival, there will be an introduction of the staff, safety briefing including emergency procedures, distribution of the dog tags, souvenir pens, and activity booklets.


   The mission of the Encampment Program is to share the Battleship Missouri's story and place in history. We provide groups with a unique opportunity to tour the ship after hours, following the footsteps of the sailors who lived and worked onboard. As visitors explore the ship, they will participate in activities related to battleship traditions. Youth groups will also be given the opportunity to develop team building and leadership in a hands-on environment.


* Increase historical awareness of World War II and how specifically the story and history of the
Battleship Missouri impacted that event
* Increase awareness of shipboard life and the time-honored traditions of the United States Navy
* Utilize activities that will foster team building, communication, and leadership.



Ford Island is Navy property and access is controlled. We ask parents to volunteering driving Girls Scouts into the event. We recommend carpooling in order to not have to many cars. Anyone 16 years old and above who does not have a Military ID coming onto Ford Island will need to submit both form's. The Battelship Missouri BASE ACCESS PASS REGISTRATION (there is a example templete to follow) If you have any questions please contact  





WHAT TO BRING (It is recommended that you bring)
* Personal toiletries including towel and wash cloth Shower shoes/slippers
* Sleeping bag, blanket, or comforter. (Pillow is provided)
* Extra money for the ship's gift shop if you are interested
* Camera, video camera or cell phone for photography.
* Change of clothes/pajamas (The ship can get cold at night, so jacket or other warm clothes are recommended.

* You DO NOT need to bring a pillow, pillowcase, or a sheet, these will be provided by the ship.
* Electronic devices (such as I-pads, tablets, or laptops) may be brought, but should be
supervised by teachers, leaders, or chaperones. The use of these devices should not interfere
with instructions and tours.
* Food and snacks (Gum, candy, and other snacks items) unless needed for a medical condition
(Food is only allowed in Mess Decks)
* Alcoholic beverages.



* ALL participatent need to print and fill out the   RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT and brings a physical copy with them the day of the event* 

                                             *MEDICAL CONDITION FORM also included if needed*