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Kauai Girls in Aviation Day!

Sat Aug 24, 8:45 AM - 11:00 AM HST
Civil Air Patrol, Lihue Airport

Some scientific and technological marvels become so commonplace that we seldom take the time to re-examine their revolutionary impact with an open and inquisitive mind.

One such example is air transport.

Think about it for a moment: In just a handful of generations, aviation went from pure, pie-in-the-sky speculation to a mundane reality that inspires about as much wonder as a trip aboard a Greyhound bus.

It’s that ho-hum attitude to the miracle of flight that makes National Aviation Day such an excellent national observation. It takes place on August 19, Orville Wright’s birthday!

Join us at the Civil Air Patrol to take a closer look.

Girls will get an introduction to flying and learn what it takes to become a pilot, tour the hanger, perform a pre-flight inspection and learn more about how the magic of flight.