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Cookie FAQs

2021 HERO 4

If you have a question that you do not see answered below, please e-mail us at and we will be happy to answer your question.


When do Girl Scout Cookies go on sale and how do I find them?

Girl Scout Cookies can be purchased from girls participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program ® only during cookie season. Girl Scouts of Hawaii’s cookie season is about a twelve-week period per year, typically between January and March. Find cookies, learn when cookie season starts in your community, and locate cookie sale booths by simply entering your zip code in the Find Cookies! search box.

Try our free mobile Girl Scout Cookie Finder app for your iOS or Android device. You can search for cookie sales in your neighborhood, get details on your favorite Girl Scout Cookies, and use social media to tell your friends. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world, but it is just one part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

How much are Girl Scout Cookies?

Cookies sold by Girl Scouts in Hawaii are $5 per box, with our S'mores and Toffee-tastics cookies costing $6. Remember—the proceeds power new, unique and amazing experiences and service projects for local girls in your community.  

What cookie varieties does Girl Scouts of Hawai`i offer?

Girl Scouts of Hawai`i offers nine varieties of cookies: AdventurefulsDo-Si-Do, Samoas, Lemon-Ups, Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Trefoils, S'mores and Toffee-tastic (gluten free). Our Girl Scouts get their cookies from Little Brownie Bakers. You can learn about the cookies on the Meet the Cookies page of our website.

When is Cookie Training?

The annual Cookie Training for Troop Leaders, Troop Cookie Managers, and Service Unit Cookie Managers (both new and returning) will be virtual and automatically assigned in gsLearn. The Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) Agreement Form must be submitted in order to get access to the training. The TCM must be registered for the current membership year and must select the “Troop Cookie Manager” role in MyGS. 

I’m a returning Cookie Manager. Do I have to sign the agreement form again?

Yes, the Cookie Manager Agreement Form is an annual form and must be signed every Girl Scout Cookie Season. ALL new and returning Cookie Managers must submit the Troop Cookie Manager agreement prior to Cookie Training access or cookie supplies are given. Troops will not be allowed to access to eBudde, which is required to participate in the Cookie Program without a signed agreement designating at least one Troop Cookie Manager per Troop.


What do I do if I run out of cookies at my booth site?

We encourage Troops to plan ahead and get more cookies from a cookie buffer a few days in advance of a booth. Cookie orders and appointments should be made on eBudde/eBudde app at least 24 hours in advance. Troops that unexpectedly need more cookies may pick up cookies from a cookie buffer as a walk-in, but please be patient as those with appointments will take priority. Cookie buffers are available on all islands and the exact locations of the cookie buffers for this season will be announced at a later date. Cookie buffers will be open on select days and times to be announced. Please check the Buffer Information section for map and most up-to-date schedule.

Troops should never abandon a booth site. The booth sites are published to the general public, so customers will be expecting the girls to be there.

Can I exchange my cookies for another flavor?

No. Cookie flavors cannot be exchanged.

What do I do with damaged boxes?

Damaged boxes of Girl Scout Cookies can be returned to the Cookie Buffer, in exchange for a good box of the same flavor. You will not be able to exchange the damaged box for a different flavor.

Can I return cookies to the Cookie Buffer?

No. Cookies cannot be returned to the Cookie Buffer once they have been signed out to a troop. Once a troop takes the cookies, they are financially responsible for them.

Do Cookie Managers enter buffer transactions into eBudde?

No, Council will enter all buffer transactions into eBudde. If you don’t see your buffer transaction(s) in eBudde don’t worry — Council is working on entering all of them.


What happens to the money raised via the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

The net proceeds from Girl Scout Cookie sales stay local with Girl Scouts of Hawaii council and troops to fund activities for girls year-round as well as impactful girl-led community projects.

Cookie program revenue is a critical source of funding for Girl Scouts of Hawaii council to:

• Recruit and train volunteer leaders for each troop/group
• Provide the financial assistance needed to make Girl Scouting available for all girls
• Improve and maintain camp and other activity sites
• Keep event/camp fees for all members to a minimum
• Sponsor special events and projects

Additionally, Girl Scout troops can pool their proceeds to pay for necessary supplies, activities, and group travel. Girl Scouts may not earn proceeds as individuals. However, Girl Scout councils offer a wide variety of recognition items, program- and store-related credits, and travel experiences that girls are eligible to earn individually based on their sales. All troop proceeds and other rewards earned through participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program must be used to enhance all girls’ Girl Scout experience.

What do I do with the cookie money that I’ve collected?

First, it is imperative that you deposit any money collected as soon as possible. It is suggested that Troop Cookie Managers (TCMs) make a deposit each Monday, after a booth sale weekend. Parents and other adult volunteers should coordinate with the TCM on any deposits.

Girl Scouts of Hawai`i has “cookie accounts” at both Bank of Hawaii and First Hawaiian Bank. Pre-printed deposits slips are available at the Girl Scout office or refer to the Cookie Bank Deposit Instructions. DO NOT try to deposit your cookie money at one of these banks without the correct account number. Girl Scouts of Hawai`i has several accounts at these banks, so having the correct account number is ESSENTIAL. We highly recommend to NOT use night deposit drop boxes as there is no way to receive a receipt or double check the amount the tellers count. Troops will be responsible to cover any discrepancy the bank brings to our attention.

Be sure to write your Name, Troop number and Service Unit Name on your deposit slip. If you don’t provide this information, it’s nearly impossible to tell what troop should get credit for this deposit and your troop will not receive credit for this deposit.

“Gift of Caring” donations should be deposited SEPARATELY from money collected for sales of cookies. Be sure to write “GOC” on your deposit slip if the money is for “Gift of Caring”. Hold on to your receipts till the end of season. You may be asked by Council to provide the deposit receipts for proof of deposit. After you deposit the cookie money, be sure that the deposit is logged in eBudde in the payments tab.

Do Cookie Managers enter deposits made into eBudde?

YES! All of the cookie money deposits must be entered Troop Cookie Managers into eBudde under the PAYMENTS tab.

How do I log my cookie deposits in eBudde?

Each troop is responsible for entering their own deposits into the “Payments” tab in eBudde. Go to “Payments” tab. Click “Add Deposit.” A green line will appear at the bottom.

1. Bank: Choose the bank in which you made your deposit from the drop down menu.

2. Date: Enter the date you made your deposit.

3. Ref. Number: This is used for your reference. You can put anything you like here, or leave it blank.
Verified: Council will check this box once your deposit is successfully processed. It could take a week or so, but feel free to contact the Product Department if you have questions or concerns.

4. Amount: The total amount listed on each deposit slip. DO NOT combine deposits or separate deposit amounts. If the amount listed on the deposit slip does not match a deposit listed in your “Deposits” tab, it will not be verified.

5. Hit “Save” to save your work.

Do I have to write a receipt for every cookie sale?

All Girl Scouts selling cookies should make it a practice to offer receipts to the purchasing public. Receipt books are issued during Cookie Training. Additional books are available at the Girl Scout office.

What happens if a customer check bounces?

Bounced checks accepted for payment for cookies will be held against the account of the troop that accepted the check. This means that troop proceeds will not be paid until a replacement check is sent to Council, along with a $25 bank fee. Once payment is collected, including any fees, Council will credit the troop for the proceeds.  Checks should be made payable to: Girl Scouts of Hawai`i.


Do girls earn Girl Scout badges by participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

Girls may earn official Cookie Business badges and Financial Literacy badges at every level of Girl Scouting. Badges are earned based on completing established program activities that are designed to allow girls to build new skills year after year. Girls may also earn the Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin with support from their families as girls set individual goals and identify business tactics that support their troop goals. Separately, girls can earn rewards based on their sales activity, such as recognition items and program credits.

How do girls earn rewards?

When earning rewards for your girls, it is important to understand how eBudde calculates. eBudde takes the numbers entered into the “Girl Orders” tab to automatically calculate the rewards each girl has earned. In other words, if you have not entered all the cookies each girl sold correctly in the “Girl Orders” tab, girls will NOT receive the correct rewards.

After you have entered all of the boxes sold under the “Girl Orders” tab, rewards can be submitted for an order to your SUCM/Council.

What is the C/S/A option?

Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Girl Scout Troops may choose to receive additional proceeds in lieu of the individual reward prizes. Selecting this option in eBudde will opt the entire Troop out of ALL REWARDS, including patches and cookie dough program credit. In order for a troop to qualify for the C/S/A opt-out:

·         The ENTIRE troop must consist of ALL Cadettes, Seniors and/or Ambassadors

·         ALL girls must agree to the opt out and should be a girl-led decision

·         55%  of the Troop MUST have a Digital Cookie page set up

Cookie Dough Program Credits

The Cookie Dough Program Credit may be earned and used by individual Girl Scouts at certain levels on the reward card, if that option is selected. It is separate from troop proceeds, which are earned by troops to support activities and projects. How can girls use Cookie Dough? Cookie Dough can be used for GSH   qualifying events, such as: Council program events, Girl Scout camps, Girl Scout retail, Girl Scout membership. Cookie Dough cards may not be used toward troop dues, as part of the troop treasury, or redeemed for cash or transferred. Cookie Dough Program Credit will expire at the end of the following Girl Scout membership year. 

What kind of badges/pins can girls earn during the Cookie Program?

Girls can earn different badges as they participate in the Cookie Program. You can find out how they can earn these badges by going to the Badge Explorer website.

The year-by-year Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin is also another great way for girls to show-off all of the awesome skills that girls developed through the Cookie Program. Download the level packet for your girl to get started today.